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Telemaco Signorini


“I went with two painter friends to La Spezia in 1860…; and the wild cliffs of the Ligurian Riviera were what really made us anticipate the sea. From San Pietro to Porto Venere these cliffs can be seen in the west down from Castellana fort, defilading to the horizon and descending steeply into the sea until Mesco point....
Beneath us, at one thousand two hundred metres, at the foot of the mountain that descends steeply into the sea, Cavo point; from there moving west towards Genoa, Mesco point; and in this vast inlet, in five little gulfs, five villages, the Cinque Terre.”


Telemaco Signorini:  Riomaggiore, from the Santuario, 1890

“The ardent desire to see everything coupled with our age, gave us wings.
The sun no longer burned us.
The road, trodden in a jiffy, all steps, seemed flatter than one of the wide roads of the Cascine (in Florence).
“We descend and go at least to the first of these villages. We see from close up this deep and roaring sea between those enormous cliffs.” (...)
This Ligurian sea seen from this scale, has so many attractions for me, that most of the time I spend admiring it and wishing to be able to reproduce it in its immense mass and marvellous details.”

Romantic Walks in the Cinque Terre. Edizioni Giacché

ISBN 88-86999-67-4.