Cinqueterre Campogrande Altare  Bonanni    

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The Grapes


White grapes


Red grapes





This is one of the most important varieties in Liguria and it is part of many white wine in this region. The name may derive of the fact that the original zone, the Cinque Terre, is forested.

In the dry version the colour varies from light gold to straw yellow. The fragrance reminds wild herbs, camomile flowers and the perfumes of the Mediterranean Sea. On the palate it is velvety and delicious.

In the sweet version the wine is golden with amber highlights, while the flavour has notes of ripe apples, figs, dried apricots and pineapple.


The origin of this variety most probably lies in Tuscany. In Liguria it is an important part of the wines of the Cinque Terre. It presents itself with yellow colour and green highlights.

The taste is slightly bitter with notes of wild herbs.


The aromatic grape came probably from the Iberian Peninsula or even from Madeira, considering the many affinities with the local Malvasia. Later it appeared in Liguria, in Corsica and in Sardinia.